Marcin Glod

Skr Skr

Skr Skr is a contemporary fashion label from Vienna. Our clothing represents the modern culture and adapts to current trends in an unconventional way, without getting lost in the masses.


Co-Founder, Creative Director


Fashion Label


2016 – 2020

Maintain that fresh feeling all day, every day.

Manufactured exclusively in Europe, our products are designed for all sexes and captivate with the highest quality and longevity. 

The result is a brand, that represents a fraction of the zeitgeist in an aesthetic way.


  • 2 Capsule Collections

  • Sales on ASOS Marketplace and at Steffl Vienna

  • Fairs in Cologne, Munich, Warsaw and Vienna

  • Community Building with Parties at VieIPee, Vienna 

Team & Partner

Oskar Klimas (Co-Founder)
Julian Traxler  (Co-Founder)

Shooting Photos: Michal Cieplucha
Studio Photos: Fabio Eppensteiner
Event Photos: Adrian Almasan
Video: Black Alpaka