Marcin Glod


GLOD is a new modern culture artist. Incorporating different art movements and inspired by pop art as well as the urban environments he is using varied materials (stencil, spray paint, epoxy, oil, varnish and newspapers, to name a few) to subversively depict various iconic pop culture characters.


38 Exhibition in 23 Cities

Focused on

Paintings, Limited Print Editions & Sculptures


End of 2019

Glod, born 1994 in Krakow, lives and works in Vienna. Initially pursued a successful career as a graphic designer and creative director. His works are located at the intersection of street art, graffiti and painting. This field of tension is his source of inspiration and enables him to create a very broad spectrum of work.  With his work Glod tries to reflect various art directions in a new complete work. He focuses on sustainability and reuse of vintage elements. The pop cultural references are an important tool for him to deal with social developments, current events and also historical parallels.


– 33 Solo Exhibitions
– 5 Groupshows
– 23 Cities
– 27 Cooperations 


To get more information about the current exhibitions and his works just visit this website.

To get to know GLOD a bit more personally we provided this interview.

Art Exhibition Overview

Insights into his first solo exhibition