Marcin Glod


GLOD is a new modern culture artist. Incorporating different art movements and inspired by pop art as well as the urban environments he is using varied materials (stencil, spray paint, epoxy, oil, varnish and newspapers, to name a few) to subversively depict various iconic pop culture characters.


6 Exhibition in 4 Cities


Unique Artwork, Prints & Sculptures


End of 2019

GLOD, tries his hand at tackling society with his modern artworks. 

Sustainability is one of the prime aspects, meaning, he is mainly working with old and used pieces, upcycling and giving them new purpose, all through the lens of art. He is being described as the new modern artist, creating novelties by the means of mixing and repurposing known elements and styles. 

According to him, art awakes its environment and should thus strive to instill joy and harmony. 


– 6 Solo Exhibitions
– 3 Groupshows
– 4 Cities
– 11 Cooperations 


To get more information about the current exhibitions and his works just visit this website.

To get to know GLOD a bit more personally we provided this interview.

Art Exhibition Overview

Insights into his first solo exhibition in Vienna