Marcin Glod

Galaxy Fitness

In collaboration with GLOD, a holistic visual concept was designed for Galaxy Fitness. It consists of five distinctive approaches that take place in different spaces.


Galaxy Fitness


Artwork on Walls


End of 2020

Welcoming you at the entrance, you can see the first artwall with the size of 15×5 meters. In reference to the medical facility behind it, the wall was decorated with anatomical elements and colorful, artistic splashes of paint.

After 4 months of work and the opening of the gym, it was quickly evident that the artwork, designed for marketing purposes, was used a lot. Most visitors took photos of the gorilla mural in the outdoor area or at the sprayed walls inside and many of them share this on their social networks. This way we have created a sustainable and long term advertising opportunity.


  • Medicine Wall 15 x 5 m
  • Outdoor Wall + Mirror 6 x 3 m 
  • Painted Training Devices
  • 19 Artworks on Canvas each 1,2 x 1,5 m
  • Spa Area Wall
  • Staircase Full Room
  • Main Floor Wall 20 x 2m

Outdoor & Staircase

The outdoor area was designed with street art concepts in mind, incorporating spray elements as well as graffitied punching bags and sports power equipment. 

The mural should serve for Influencer suitable photo opportunities, something that was gladly taken up.

The staircase is covered with stencil street art tapes and motivational sayings that create a 3D, three-dimensional, effect.