Marcin Glod

1o1 Toilets

The goal of the project was to design very eye-catching toilets,  nudging visitors to post them on social media channels.

One o One Restaurant


Artwork on Walls


End of 2019

The whole concept lightly plays with the complex of money, fame and gender conformity. Blue for the male toilet, the female is pink. The entire toilets are covered with dollar bills on which is written: “Money is not everything”. On the cubicles, you can find sayings like “Fake News” on the toilet paper holder or MONEY EGO FAME HUMAN” and the famous Love pattern of the artist. As demonstrated below, humans love sharing pictures from the toilet, with the right nudge also used as advertising.

Social Media

As designed, the walls are real eye-catchers for influencers and are very often used for photos that can be found in social networks.

Revitalisation of spaces

Compassion, social return on investment via a global, indicating scalable thought provoking by correlation indicating scalable, compelling growth, social return.